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Stu on Mountain Lions

July 30th, 2009 3 comments
An authority on Mountain Lions

An authority on Mountain Lions

How do mountain lions keep their beaks so sharp?

If you know anything about mountain lions you know that the sharpness of their beaks makes it very easy for them to peck out people’s eyes. But most people don’t know how they keep them so sharp.. The most common method used by mountain lions is clacking. We’ve all heard the clacking of beaks in areas where mountain lions nest.  When the clacking is done making their beaks so sharp, well, that’s when they come after you.  It’s really amazing how little most people know about these “monsters of the deep”.

Now you know!

Why Can’t Women be Scientists?

July 28th, 2009 2 comments
Stu Cranstence tells it like it is.

Stu Cranstence tells it like it is.

Why can’t women be scientists?

The reason that there has never been a woman scientist is a matter of practicality.  Can you imagine the constant nagging?  Day and night, night and day!  And what if there was a fire or an animal attack?  You can’t make much science when you have to keep saving all the women’s lives.  I know some women can learn things if we are willing to be patient and present our ideas in a simple form.  But this will inhibit the progress of science as it strives to free itself from the sheckles of domineering ogresses.  

Remember what I always say when studying vast scientific subjects like outer space; “The sky’s the limit!”

 Now you know.