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Stu and the “Missing Link”

January 16th, 2010 4 comments

Stu Cranstence: soon to make another major discovery?

When will scientists find the MISSING LINK?

Scientists have been trying to find the MISSING LINK for over A HUNDRED YEARS.  It is very hard to find because it is made out of CAMOUFLAGE.  The scientist who finally finds the MISSING LINK will become very famous and people will stop ignoring him and will ask him to do an interview on a real T.V. show.  He will go to SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCES and no one will laugh at him. He will find the MISSING LINK inside the perimeter on his next expedition because then everyone will say he is the TOP SCIENTIST.

Now You Know!

Stu on Darwin

November 28th, 2009 6 comments
An authority on evolution

An authority on evolution

How did Darwin invent evolution?

Darwin (no one knows his last name) invented evolution nearly a hundred years ago.  One day he was walking in the forest and he saw five or six figures standing in a line.  The first one was a monkey walking on all fours.  The next one was standing a little straighter and by the time you got to the last one it was a man standing straight up! The disgusting thing is that the man was nude!  You couldn’t see his you know what because one leg was going forward, blocking the view. Even if you hold the page at an angle and look really close, you can’t see anything.
Then Darwin wanted to invent National Selection.  In a very famous incident he strapped a really ugly man to a table and turned the crank so the rope would pull the table up to the ceiling.  Then lightning struck and as they say, ‘The rest is a mystery’.

Now you know!

Stu Cranstence collects his findings

May 12th, 2009 5 comments

Here we see ole Stu at work in the field discovering his findings. He displays his unique discovering style in action. You can see him discover a remarkable double mushroom which Stu may have misidentified, but we haven’t catalogued it yet. Isn’t it something the way he makes all those dicoveries at the end of his expedition and loads them into the vehicle? You can also see how attached Stu is to his beer cooler. He likes to reassure himself by patting it and regularly checking it’s contents to make sure he is well stocked. How remarkable to find those ancient rocks in a circular configuration! The ancient pottery he found is amazing! Why doesn’t Stu get the credit that he deserves for making such great discoveries?