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Please read all labels carefully

It has come to the attention  of the good people at Juggernaut Pharmaceuticals that there may be some confusion regarding two of our ground breaking medications. We regret this confusion.  Some helpful people have pointed out the similarity of the names and package designs of  both of these medications. We regret this similarity. DO NOT confuse these two medications as they have drastically different reactions when combined with other Juggernaut medications. DO NOT take these two medications simultaneously as this may cause an unsafe drop in brain activity. Study both of these packages carefully so that you will not accidentally take the wrong medication.

Thank you,

Rootsin Toobers, head of marketing for Juggernaut Pharmaceuticals.

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  1. Rootsin Toobers
    May 2nd, 2010 at 06:08 | #1

    Another helpful person has just pointed out that Clinflairtrynsol is also very similar in name and packaging. We regret this similarity also.

  2. Steve Screechnstall
    May 1st, 2010 at 20:49 | #2

    I’ve been taking these two together for some time now. I find that if you take 1/2 pill of each, you can manage a drop in brain activity that leads to a profound state of meditation, where you cannot hear, see, feel or move…but you retain a vague feeling of unease…accompanied by occasional bouts of RSC. It only lasts about twelve hours, and then in another six hours, you’re back to normal! A couple times I did this on an empty stomach, and wound up in the ER…not recommended.

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