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Larry Shockra: Yoga Master

May 19th, 2009 No comments

Larry Shockra is excited to announce that he is a Yoga Master! Here’s a video clip of Larry demonstrating just a few of the groundbreaking techniques that he came up with all on his own. These methods and positions and are not from some bygone era in a long  ago distant past before the future. No. This is a yoga program pulled right out of Larry, by Larry! Learn positions like ‘The Bicycle’, ‘The Poking You in the Eye’, ‘The Knee Surprise’  by the man who actually made them up. Participate in a terrifying,  ‘Dinosaur Meditation.’ Finally, yoga taught to you through song and lecture by the one and only Larry Shockra.

What an honor for you to sing along with Larry, in this achingly beautiful presentation, ‘I’m winning at yoga every downward doggone day!’

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